Please come back to Spain, and say no to bullfights

We love you, dear visitors from all around the world, specially from the United Kingdom, Germany and USA. But when you come back, we need you to put the money away from torture and cruelty to animals. Specially bullfights.

Photo: Anima Naturalis

First of all, let me explain one thing very clearly.

We hate Corridas!

Only 8% of the population in Spain attended at bullfighting events in 2019.

Ministry of Culture and Sport. Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain 2018–2019

Bullfighters know this is the end, and they are desperate!

Did anyone missed the Corridas? NO! OF COURSE NOT!

Photo: Anima Naturalis

What can you do to stop this?

Journalist, documentary filmmaker, into good stories, social impact, animal empathy, vegan life, travel, music. Twitter: @migangelrolland

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