Please come back to Spain, and say no to bullfights

We love you, dear visitors from all around the world, specially from the United Kingdom, Germany and USA. But when you come back, we need you to put the money away from torture and cruelty to animals. Specially bullfights.

Photo: Anima Naturalis

First of all, let me explain one thing very clearly.

We hate Corridas!

Coming out of these hard times, looking at almost 30,000 deaths in Spain due to the coronavirus, no one wants to be exposed to pain, torture or cruelty as entertainment. Being alive and healthy has reached a new soulful meaning. Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive became one of the anthems for so many people at home. And we did it! We’re alive, still standing. And that’s precisely why we Spanish people need to get rid of bullfights and cruel bloody festivals for good. We need to use this moment in time to stop this dark and shameful part of our society. AND YOU CAN HELP US!

Only 8% of the population in Spain attended at bullfighting events in 2019.

First of all, let me explain one thing very clearly. We hate Corridas! Nobody likes bullfights in Spain! Nobody? Some people must like them, or they wouldn’t still exist, right? Of course, a ridiculous bunch of supporters do. But these are the facts: according to the official National Poll on Habits and Cultural Practices (Encuesta de Hábitos y Prácticas Culturales en España 2018–2019) bullfights went down 63% since 2007, and 6% since 2018. That’s a total of 1425 corridas during the last year, which is still a lot of bulls killed for fun (six bulls are killed every time, so we are looking at 8550 bulls tortured in 2019 in front of a paying audience).

Ministry of Culture and Sport. Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices in Spain 2018–2019

Bullfighters know this is the end, and they are desperate!

The Covid-19 epidemic in Spain stopped our economy for three months. Hotels closed, offices shut down, shops sealed, and everybody at home. The Spanish Government issued an endless flow of special measures to support companies and workers, but a few lucky ones continued on, sometimes feeling for the first time what a lot of us do at a daily basis: working from home. With a lot of time to kill! And the creativity and imagination exploded BIG TIME all around the world, with generosity, offering a bottomless catalogue of free films, documentaries, music, books, virtual tours, webinars, and school classes.

Did anyone missed the Corridas? NO! OF COURSE NOT!

A group of so called bullfighting professionals, entrepeneurs and a few mobsters realised that the 2020 season for corridas was clearly not happening, so they demanded funding from our government, meaning from us taxpayers, requesting the amount of 700 million euros to compensate their losses (with the explicit support of our shamefully elected fascist party, Vox). Specially once the general measures to support Culture and Entertainment were approved, leaving this lobby out of the game. And that made sense, because even though the previous conservative government by Partido Popular had given bullfights the consideration of Historic and Cultural Heritage, the coalition Government of the Socialist Party and left-wing Unidas Podemos understood the demands of their voters against bullfights.

Photo: Anima Naturalis

What can you do to stop this?

There’s a lot that you can do. You can definitely share this story, raise your voice, be a part of this historic moment. But we all are much more powerful that our social media.

Journalist, documentary filmmaker, into good stories, social impact, animal empathy, vegan life, travel, music. Twitter: @migangelrolland

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